#saturation #diver

#faith #healing #peace

Nick Palmer - It is really cool for people to get out of their comfort zone and do something different, something that is scary.

#cyberthreat #antifraud

Matthew Summer - With anything I do, I wear my heart on my sleeve and the struggle is learning how to give 100 percent of yourself when things are not going right.

#real-estate #athletics

#dancing #motivationalspeaking

Claude Turmes - If you work with people whom you get along with and who share the same passion and vision as you do, it is not so much work as a pleasure.


Irma Mali - Sometimes when I see what is expected of me in a role, my inner voice tells me that I cannot do it, but instead of holding me back this only spurs me on. I am extremely driven – even if something is very difficult, I will learn it and will do it. I can see that limitations are in our head more than in our abilities.

#acting #modeling

Jonas Zimnickas - As I was born with disability, I felt life has to compensate me somehow.

#addictions #abilities

Micah Hendler - Singing allows us to connect beyond our normal boundaries to transcend conflicts and address injustice, among many other things.

#music #change-making

Chris Stahl - I do not think of myself as a very talented individual or anything like that. What I am is a story-teller. All I can do is recount my own story and help others to communicate theirs.

#movies #boxing

Saskia Harkema - I put all my efforts into achieving that, as I feel there is huge urgency, and necessity as the world has become very harsh to live in for many of us.

#identity #humanrights

Philippe Dumoceau - I did not seek any help, because I could not admit that I was blind. I rejected the diagnosis of my disability in every sense of word. I was in denial.

#hiking #inspiration

Jeroen Swolfs - Portret - Book of Role Models

#photography #journeys

Dom Sky -Profile - Book of Role Models


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