Who are behind the scenes?

Agne | Founder

Being part of Humans of Luxembourg and collecting stories about a number of people, I discovered that there are many untold stories of people who have been doing tremendous work for local communities, cities or countries that they live in, or achieve incredible results while undergoing hardship in their own life. Who they are and what they have achieved cannot and should not be overlooked. They are truly inspirational and this needs to be shared, read, and documented. Many stories may hit the media headlines but after a while get lost in the daily noise. In a life full of turbulence, of political uncertainties, divided and polarized societies, it is important to have people who we could look up to and understand that with hard work and persistence you can achieve anything you want. This is how the Book of Role Models is born.

Agne - The Book of Role Models

Brad | Editor

I am interested in the idea of people telling their inspirational stories, of how they overcome the odds to change their own lives, and in many instances to improve the quality of others through their own achievements and in a lot of cases their own hard work and dedication.

Brad - The Book of Role Models

Gabriele | Editor

The best stories do not come from literature or TV screens. They come from real and seemingly ordinary people around us. Beyond so many unassuming faces on the street there are thousands of extraordinary stories, inspiring adventures and ambitious ideas – some of them never told but all of them worth hearing.

The Book Of Role Models - Team - Gabriele

Marcel | Digital guru

Talking to people or reading about them has been always the best way to get to know them. Those stories can inspire you to start new projects or to make you realise that you can and should start working on that idea you had in your head for years. Nothing is impossible.

Marcel - The Book of Role Models

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