What the Book Of Role Models is about?

“You cannot change the world by yourself through influencing others but you can set an example for others to follow…” – [R.Murphy]

The Book of Role Models aims to document the many and varied diverse role models of and for, the times we live in. We want to bring alive the stories of people who are known and unknown, seen and unseen, and heard and unheard. To publish pieces about those who make the cover of magazines and cinema screens, to those who are voiceless and nameless but whom are none the less, extraordinary, bringing them to a wider audience.

They are all exceptional with one thing in common – the dynamic power of transforming communities, setting an example for others, and demonstrating what can be achieved if you really fight for it. Whilst exploring their human frailties, what their failures were, their insecurities, obsessions, imperfections, and weaknesses, opening up their true selves.

Some of the people we look up to as role models can have their story aired in the public domain for a short time, and then they are drowned out in the maelstrom of the ever-churning social media, their story forgotten by the majority. This is why the Book of Role Models documents stories of people who can set an example for other to follow while being able to show a more fragile side to their character.

Why it matters?

Role models can transcend oceans, time zones, cultures, countries, regions, religions, races, languages, gender and much more, crossing boundaries and creating profound impact in making world better place to live.

Role models show others what it takes to achieve the things you are aiming for, shows the process of that journey which can have many obstacles, failures and adverse reactions which are sometimes never really discussed or fully expressed by the individual. Their stories also show that it can also take a level obsession and determination to succeed as well.

There are many young people who commit suicide, get involved in a myriad of criminal activity, including even terrorism, where the grievances and resentments they feel are not addressed, where the opportunities open to them are not obvious or simply not found. They are not able to see beyond what they perceive as their limited options, and cannot reimagine what for them is the impossible.

This platform aims to put a spark in their consciousness, to help them to realise that life can have more to offer and by showing there are a number of people who have set an example that we all could relate to and learn from.

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